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Thank you for touring my website! I consider myself very fortunate that the profession I am so passionate about allows me to meet and closely interact with so many fantastic humans. It's an honor to be trusted to handle one's greatest asset; one that has such an impact on both finances and quality of life.  I truly love what I do and I believe most of my clients can feel that throughout our journeys.  


I pride myself on my ability to help people find the home that meets their lifestyle best.  And with my construction background, I can keep an eye out for problems!


My background in New Home Sales taught me about consultative selling, follow up, and setting client expectations so that the process is a positive experience.


I've got a ton of experience in building new homes, see my New Construction page for details on how I can help you make this dream a reality.

Land Sales

I've worked with Buyers, Sellers, Builders, and Developers on vacant land and developed lot sales throughout the years.  I may not be a expert, but I'll have an opinion. 


I spent several years selling finished basement and remodel projects for a small and awesome custom builder.  If you have questions, I can point you in the right direction to get them answered!


I love to mix business with pleasure! I'm most relaxed in a boat or a tree stand, so if it's a cabin, hunting land, or other type of recreational real estate dream you're hatching I'd love to hear about it!

My Journey

I've been fortunate to help people chase their real estate dreams since 2002 when I began selling New Homes for a national homebuilder as a New Construction Specialist.  This role sparked a passion for design and the construction process, and taught me that positive building experiences depended on strong communication and setting proper expectations.

In 2010 I left big builder to pursue traditional real estate alongside working with a small custom builder selling new homes, finished basements, and other renovations and additions. My strong construction background, consultative approach with clients, and love for this job have helped me find success for my clients and I look forward to continuing down this path.   

My principles

A wise Real Estate Broker once told me "If you take care of your clients first, the rest will take care of itself." 

I've cleaned homes, repaired inspection items, fixed toilets, hauled away junk, climbed in attics and down into crawlspaces, couriered documents across the cities, met appraisers to help establish value, shoveled snow and mowed clients' lawns, chased away squaters and thieves, met with contractors for clients, changed flat tires, cleaned up pet messes, and given countless high-fives, handshakes, and hugs.

Most of my business is generated by referrals of previous clients and I want it to stay that way. 


Became a Realtor


Fantasy Football Championships


Rescue Dogs

Great Team

I'm not this awesome all by myself...trust me.  I need help and I've found it.  I've surrounded myself with the best in the industry and happily refer my clients to work with these trusted individuals.  From lenders, title representatives, inspectors, partner agents, and contractor/vendor referrals, I've got the help we'll need to get this done right!

Customer First

When meeting any prospective client for the first time I like to ask them what's most important for them.  Whether you're buying or selling this needs to be YOUR experience...not mine.  I'll have more transactions, you need this one to work for you! My role is to educate you on the market and the process and then tailor the experience to meet your needs.  


I do genuinely enjoy life outside of Real Estate!  My wife and I have two young boys and they share my passion for the outdoors.  We love to fish, go boating, hike, hunt, and generally wear out the backyard.  We're a football family and I have been coaching my sons' teams as a head or assistant coach for many years.  We don't travel a lot, but when we do we aim for the mountains and our fabulous National Parks. 





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