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Let's partner up!

Do you have a client looking for real estate assistance outside of your home zone? Or maybe their needs are outside of your comfort zone such as a new construction home, the purchase of a tear down property, land development or sales, or lakeshore property transactions.  Maybe you're winding down your personal real estate activities but are still interested in the market and would like some passive income. I can help! I'd love to partner with you to ensure that your clients are receiving the service they deserve!


Communication is important to the success of every transaction.  I'll update you as much as you'd like regarding the progress of your referral client's transaction.  Often, I enter the transaction as your partner so that you are involved every step of the way; yet I continue to do the heavy lifting.

I’ll always be more proud of the job I’ve done than the amount of jobs I’ve done. I like to use what I’ve learned throughout the years in this market to help make a client feel good and enjoy purchasing or selling a property. I'll work hard for your clients to ensure they have a successful and enjoyable transaction.

I've got a good track record of working well on referral projects with other Realtors. See below for some of the properties I've partnered with other agents on in the last few years and what some of those agents have volunteered about their experiences.

When partnering with me I will give a 25% referral to your broker upon a successfully closed transaction.  We'll share any fees incurred along the way on the same 75/25 ratio as we truly are partners along the way.

Want to learn more?

If you or your clients would like to more about me please visit my bio in the About Me tab!


Robin Wise

Option Realty

I've partnered with Nathan on 5 transaction in the past couple of years. I still love to talk to people about real estate but I have other commitments and cannot give the market my full time attention.  Nathan does an awesome job with my client referrals and we've formed a great partnership.


Leanne Peterson

Century 21 - Atwood

When I've had new construction or vacant land transactions in the past I've partnered with Nathan to tap into his wealth of experience in these niche projects. My clients deserve the best and it's a no brainer to bring Nathan in on these deals.

Blaine Waters

Quest Development

As a development company we hold a real estate broker's license. Although we could market, list, and sell our properties we happily hire Nathan as our sales person.  His experience in lot and new home sales has been key to our success on several development projects.