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Have you considered building a home?

Maybe designing and building a home tailored to your specific wants and needs has been your lifelong dream.  Maybe there isn't existing housing in your ideal area that fits your needs.  Whatever the reason, you need to understand the ins and outs of new construction homes prior to jumping in!

Things to Consider when Considering a New Home:

Location Location Location

Most home searches, new or used, start with the location that best suits your needs:

  • Is your ideal area a submarket that offers enough land to support several new home neighborhoods?
  • Will your area require you to scour for empty lots or purchase an old home to tear down?
  • Is this an acreage project governed by smaller townships?
    • Does this introduce Well, Septic, and Soil Testing requirements?

What's your Budget?

There's obviously a premium that's tied to New Construction that can be influenced by:

  • Location: Lot costs, site prep costs, city permitting fees, infrastructure and utilities
  • What's included in the builder's "base" package and what are available options and upgrades
  • What's the builder's policy for locking into pricing in today's fluctuating material market?

Time Investment

Do you have the time to invest in this project?

  • Depending on the Builder, the design phase can take 1-4+ Months (see below for more info)
  • Plan on a minimum of 5 design and pre-construction meetings prior to construction beginning (Much more if working with a custom builder)
  • Once construction begins it's common for the build to take 4-7 months
  • Additional walk throughs and orientations happen during construction and afterwards for warranty work
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Builders are not the same!

Decide which process and experience is right for you:

Production Home Builders

These are large national homebuilders and local builders that have streamlined the building process in order to produce more homes in a neighborhood

  • Offer a variety of pre-determined home plans
  • Package pricing to include lot cost within a specific neighborhood (Lot Premiums will Apply)
  • Offer pre determined and pre-priced upgrades
  • May (or may not) offer "custom options" that buyer requests that are not on the existing option list
  • Have pre-priced design options (flooring, plumbing fixtures


Your personal guide through the purchase process

  • Skilled negotiators working on your behalf
  • Support through paperwork and timelines

BHGRE® Benefits

Programs we created to make your move easy

  • BHGRE® Moves
  • BHGRE® Home Protection Plan


Expert guidance for life

  • Exceptional service doesn't end when the contract is signed
  • Looking to sell your home?
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Now that you've learned a little about what to look for....let's start looking!

I'm a nerd for new houses!

Ready to go? I've worked with both Buyers and Builders designing and building new homes across the Twin Cities Metro since 2002. I'd love to help you turn that dream into a new home!

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